Payments for goods on STORE are made in various ways:

Payment by credit card. We use the best payment circuits to ensure a safe and fast transaction!

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You can rely on the major payment intermediaries that guarantee a safe and fast transaction as Store for security reasons does not store your card data in any way. You can pay by card through the Unicredit Pagonline, PayPal, Stripe, Hi-Pay intermediary circuits by selecting them during the payment phase. Each circuit supports major circuits such as Visa, Mastercard and Postepay. For the other card circuits you can find the right service to complete the payment by checking the symbols compatible with each intermediary directly during the payment phase.

Payment via Amazon Pay. Do you have an Amazon account? Perfect! You can place your order immediately!

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Through Amazon Pay you can place the order directly without entering any shipping information. You can also choose Amazon pay as the only payment method by subscribing to the Store. Just click on the Amazon logo and proceed to the Amazon site, our site will receive the data necessary for the transaction from Amazon. The method is safe and guaranteed by Amazon!

Payment via SisialPay (replacement of the old cash on delivery). Pay in cash or card directly at the sisal office!

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You can select Sisalpay during the purchase by going to the HiPay payment circuit (you can find it in the payment options). With sisalpay you can pay for your order in the nearest Sisal sales office or tobacconist exactly as you do with government bills or services. Just enter your name and surname and you will receive a receipt that will allow you to pay the total amount of your order directly at the reception with the method you prefer in cash or electronically! The processing of the payment by us is immediate when you pay the order in the receivers. You will also receive a confirmation of payment in addition to the receipt from the betting shop. A simple and safe service!

Payment via SatisPay. Do everything directly from the APP!

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If you have a SatisPay account you can pay directly via APP for purchases on our site! Select it during payment and you can make the transaction in a simple and safe way.

Payment via Google Pay and Apple Pay

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Do you shop on your tablet or smartphone? No problem. We also support Google Pay and Apple Pay. During the payment phase, if you make the purchase on your device with Apple Pay or Google Pay configured, you can pay for your order directly with a click! The procedure is safe and guaranteed by the Stripe payment circuit.

Payment by bank transfer (also immediate)

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We also support the classic bank transfer. When you complete the order you will receive the payment details. The goods remain reserved for 10 days from purchase. Please always confirm the payment to in order to speed up the procedure. 

You can also pay with instant bank transfer through the MyBank circuit. The service is safe and managed by the Unicredit payment platform. You can select this type of service at the payment stage.

Payment on site in our shop

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In our store you can pay directly with cash, credit cards, debit cards and Satispay. If you want to book the products by purchasing them directly here on our site, only if you collect them in our store, you can select cash on delivery and conveniently pay your orders when you collect them at our store, using cash, credit cards, debit cards and Satispay .